Well, losing 25 pounds was never my ultimate goal. I actually still don’t know what final weight I’m shooting for because my real goal is how I look (partially related to waist size) and weight is just a proxy. However, I don’t remember how much I weighed at various waist sizes so, it’s somewhat a guess. I know I do want to get well-enough below the government’s overweight category (get out of the yellow and into the green) which for me is right about 154 pounds. So at my current 163, I’ve got about 9 pounds to loose. If I’m able to keep my current rate (which is questionable due to lots of travel and the possibility of plateauing) that could be in about 6-8 weeks. However, that just get’s me barely across the top end of the healthy range. So, I set the goal at 150 pounds which should be enough inside that range that daily fluctuations will keep me in the green. If I’m able to keep this pace, I should reach my next goal by the end of the year, if not a little sooner.

Beyond that I’m not sure yet. At my next goal, I’ll have to re-evaluate. If my waist to weight ratio continues, at 150 pounds I should be closing in on a 31″ waist which might be a good point, but it depends on how I look. That would be less than I ended undergrad with. According to the research a BMI of 22 is the healthiest to have…less cardiac, diabetic, and other weight related issues, but a 22 BMI equals about 136.5 pounds for me. That’s likely a 29″ waist which I haven’t had since high school. We’ll have to see. So, for now, the goal is to move solidly out of the overweight range. From there we’ll set a new goal.

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